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If you’re considering insulating your attic, or preventative pest control, you are making the right move. North Carolina can experience both intense summer heat and freezing winter temperatures. T.A.P. (thermal, acoustical, pest control) insulation helps to keep the bugs out of your home or business, your energy costs low and dampens noise. The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) estimates that as many as 90% of homes in the USA are under insulated.

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Technician Surveying for TAP Insulation
Technician Installing TAP Insulation

What makes TAP Insulation unique?

It is a cellulose based insulation made from 87% recycled content that is infused with borate mineral salts. Insects that normally crawl through attics cannot properly digest the borates, which makes TAP insulation an ideal pest control product. TAP insulation is an EPA registered pesticide and can only be installed by licensed pest management companies.TAP is the only insulation that has a pest control label. Installing TAP insulation in your home can help prevent ants, cockroaches, termites, silverfish and other pests.

Technician Spraying in TAP Insulation

Other Benefits of TAP Insulation besides Pest Control:

  1. Conserves energy and can save you up to 40% on energy bills
  2. Absorbs sound
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Enhanced fire resistance
  5. Does Not require retreating and provides permanent effectiveness 
  6. Backed by limited lifetime warranty
  7. You may be eligible for tax benefits & energy rebates

How is TAP insulation installed?

This cellulose based insulation is blown into the attic with specialized equipment, right on top of any pre-existing insulation. The material is shredded, as opposed to the more traditional rolled fiberglass insulation, which allows it to form a perfect fit wherever it is laid. TAP insulation can also be used for attic restoration and new home construction in attics and walls.

Pest-X Exterminating will send out a team of technicians to your home or business with a specialized TAP truck and professional grade insulation blowers. We will prep your house for the installation and clean up before we leave. Since TAP insulation is not toxic to humans, homeowners are welcome to stay home while we complete the work!

Technician Installing TAP Insulation

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