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Crawl Space Encapsulation

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An In-Depth Crawl Space Pest Inspection with PestX Exterminating

Choose Pest-X. We have been correcting moisture control problems since 1989

When you call Pest-X for crawl space encapsulation, you can expect us to come to your house for a free estimate. Our visit includes:

  1. A free inspection for termites
  2. A free inspection for proper drainage

    These two issues must be taken care of before encapsulation.

  3. Additionally, you may opt for a mold test, which is sent to an independent lab and costs $125.

After going over your individual crawl space situation with you, we will provide you with an estimate at absolutely no cost to you.

Our Work Is Guaranteed

At Pest-X, we are pleased to offer you a year-round guarantee for crawl space encapsulation. Once we have performed the work, we will provide you with a remote sensor so that you can track your crawl space's temperature and humidity. If you notice a level of over 45% on your monitor, we will come back, no questions asked.

That's our guarantee!

Crawl Space Problems & Your Health

If It’s In Your Crawl Space, It’s in Your House

If your crawl space is filled with damp mold and creepy critters, then this may be a disturbing thought.

Nonetheless, it is true.

Your house works like a smokestack, pulling air from the bottom of the house through to the top. Air comes in through the vents in your crawl space and is pulled upwards and out your roof vents. The source of up to half the air in your living space is your crawl space.

your air comes from the crawlspace

Even if the surface dirt in your crawl space is dry, a couple inches down may be very damp. This cool, dark, dampness serves as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, as well as insects and rodents. Moisture control is a vital part of any crawl space pest control strategy.

The best solution to moisture and certain pest problems is  closing off the crawl space to outside air. This allows air to be pulled in through the HVAC system or your doors and windows. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Enclosing your vented crawl space is known as encapsulation. It involves creating a vapor barrier, sealing the vents, and conditioning the air in the crawlspace. Leading scientific research provided by the firm Advanced Energy has proved its efficacy. Data showed that if crawl spaces are left vented, they will have the same humidity as the outside environment and will dry slower than the outside. This is the exact opposite of what we want in the hot and humid South! As a result, crawl space encapsulation is now the standard for NAHB Green Homes, as well as LEED homes.

Benefits of a Closed Crawl Space

The advantages of crawlspace encapsulation are manifold. Here are just some of them:

  • Creates a clean and conditioned space instead of a bug infested dungeon
  • Improved air quality in the home (50% of the air in your home comes from the crawlspace)
  • Odor elimination
  • Stop mold and wood decay on floor joists
  • Reduce flex and buckling of floors
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Warmer floors in the winter
  • Save on heating and cooling costs
  • Dramatically reduce presence of pests, including termites

Why Choose Pest-X?

1. 30+ Years of Award Winning Expertise

 With over 30 years of experience fixing drainage problems and with 100+ crawl space encapsulations behind our belt, we are the undisputed encapsulation leader in the Piedmont area. This isn't unconnected with our pest services. Crawlspace problems often come to light during inspection of a pest infestation, and we know how to handle them.

We have proved our exemplary service by winning the coveted Angie's List Super Service Award in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020.

2. Crawl Space Encapsulation from A to Z

Pest-X, unlike heating and cooling companies, can handle the entire crawlspace encapsulation process, from start to finish, with professional attention to quality and best practices. As a pest control and drainage company, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best service possible, since we can inspect for termites and water damage. This ensures that we are not sealing in wood-destroying pests nor moisture, making conditions even worse.

For this reason, we start off by checking for termites and eliminating or reducing water sources coming into the crawl space at the foundation. Next, we install a high quality vapor barrier designed for this application. Simple plastic sheeting doesn’t hold up, so we use sheeting designed specifically for this job that's thick like a pool liner. Once that has been completed, we add insulation and condition the space with a dehumidifier, a small amount of air from HVAC system, or a vent fan.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unlike many other companies, we guarantee our work. All you have to do is use the monitor pictured above to ensure that the humidity level in your crawl space does not go above 45%. If this happens, we will come over, no questions asked.

Know that you will have the best solution to your crawlspace problem.

This is Pest-X:

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  • Uniformed & Security-Screened Employees
  • Emphasis on Customer Service
  • Technicians with Average of 17 Years Experience
  • Fast Scheduling
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