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Mice Control

Winston-Salem, NC

Date: 03/20/2018


Terrible service! They make you sign a contract for a year before any service is rendered, then don't follow through on promises--didn't even bother showing up for a promised appointment! Told them to cancel my service just two weeks later. Just seeing that they're still charging me though they never come out and check or even call! Got to remedy this!

- Lakisha Stewart

A Response from: Chuck Potts

Hi Ms Stewart, We are sorry to hear you had an issue with an appointment and that you are not totally satisfied with our services. We greatly appreciate your feedback and hope you will give us an opportunity to make it right. I will be reaching out to you today to learn more on the issues/concerns that you had. Edit: 3/22/18 Ms Stewart, thank you for allowing me to come out and reinspect your home for the noises the other day. In my followup report to you we did see the prior mice evidence and all the treatment placements we set throughout your home. Unfortunately we could not locate any active areas at that time. Also mentioned in my inspection report, there are access points at the garage door that can allow new mice to keep entering the home. We also noticed a hole in the drywall at the hot water heater in the garage that would allow mice to pass into the home and attic, hopefully you can get that sealed up soon to prevent new ones from gaining access . Regrettably in the 4 additional no charge trips we made to your home after your initial service including a complimentary wildlife visit from our specialist, we just couldn't detect any live activity or hear the noises that you have informed us about at the times we were out there. Since we have not been able to solve the noises that you hear from time to time to your satisfaction, we will be refunding the pest control charges to you and cancelling that service per your request. You should see that reflected soon on your account. We greatly appreciate you going the extra mile to have us look into it and regret we couldn't correct the issue soon enough for you.

Branch Managers

Jacob Payne - Winston-Salem

Jacob Payne - Winston-Salem