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Residential & Commercial Spider Control & Elimination 

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Spider Control & Extermination

Have spiders infested your home or office building? Or have poisonous spiders spun their webs on your property? If left untreated, either spider problem can turn into a headache or worse. Black widows and brown recluses can send you to the hospital, and a spider infestation can quickly get out of hand. Play it safe and call Pest-X for professional spider control!

Spider Infestation & Control

Spiders are considered a beneficial insect because they prey on other insects. However, if you are dealing with a spider problem, we often recommend treatment. Otherwise, it could generate into a full-on infestation. 

Poisonous Spider Control

Two North American species are dangerous to humans: the black widow and the brown recluse.

Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders

If provoked, black widows will attack. The bite feels like a needle puncture. After 15 minutes to an hour, muscular cramps will appear. Bites are rarely fatal, but you should seek medical attention if bitten.

A brown recluse bite often happens when people go through things from storage.The initial bite is not intense but nonetheless poisonous. After 8-12 hours, the pain will worsen. Over the next few days, large sores form. They often leave a disfiguring scar. If bitten, seek immediate medical treatment.

Don't get attacked in the first place! Always wear gloves when working outside or taking things out of storage. If you spot a black widow or brown recluse, call Pest-X to get rid of your poisonous spider problem.

Effective Spider Control

While other companies may take shortcuts, we at Pest-X go step-by-step through a thorough spider control procedure. First, we apply a fast-acting treatment to any cracks or crevices in your home. Next, we remove any spider webs on the exterior of your house (and shed) with extension poles covered in chemical dust. If necessary, we may also place glue boards in areas of infestation to further assist in control. Finally, we will discuss with you how you should trim bushes and trees to best combat an influx of spiders.

The Pest-X Difference:

1. Safe And Effective

By choosing spider control and elimination, you want to ensure that your family, friends, and pets won't fall victim to black widows or brown recluses. Nothing is more important to you than their safety.

We completely agree! Because of that, we are painstaking in our attention to the safety and effectiveness of our materials.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Pest-X, our tri-annual service plan is fully warrantied. When you subscribe to one of our Pro Home packages, you will receive year-round protection that comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. We will keep coming until the problem is solved, with no additional fees. That's our guarantee.

3. Award Winning Customer Service

When you call Pest-X Exterminating for spider control, you can expect incredible customer service. We are constantly raising the bar on what customer service means. We have proved this by winning the coveted Angie's List Super Service Award in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020.

When you call Pest-X, a technician comes to your home or business and performs a complete initial consultation at no charge. Next, we develop a spider elimination program designed for you by your technician and our team of in-house specialists. Know that you will have the best solution to your individual spider problem.

This is Pest-X:

  • Locally Owned
  • Clearly Marked Vehicles
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Uniformed & Security-Screened Employees
  • Emphasis on Customer Service
  • Technicians with Average of 17 Years Experience
  • Fast Scheduling
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